Bamboo Tattoo Studios | The Best Realistic Tattoo Studio in Toronto
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10 Years of Excellence

Bamboo Tattoo Studio began over 10 years ago by the owner Todd Santos. He has a deep passion for the art of tattooing and decided to open up the first and only Bamboo Tattoo studio in all of Canada. Todd traveled to Thailand where he discovered the art of Bamboo Tattooing.  Completely fascinated by the experience and sacred art, he decided to bring this primitive way of tattooing home with him.

Bamboo Tattoo Studio offers different forms of tattooing from world-renowned artists. Our house artists and guest artists showcase their individual and unique tattoo styles. There is something here for everyone! We specialize in tattoo customization, laser tattoo removal, cover-ups, micro-blading, and Scalp pigmentation.

At Bamboo Tattoo Studio, we want to offer clients a different experience and we want you to be a part of it. Bamboo Tattoo Studio will continue to grow and we are excited to show you what the future has in store.


A studio made for royalty