Bamboo Tattoo was founded by Todd Santos in 2009. Todd was a student in Australia studying business. While in Australia Santos heard about a foreign tattooing method called Bamboo Tattoo.

This method originating in Thailand, Overcome with curiosity Todd dropped everything and travelled to Thailand, staying there for 8 months he explored the land and culture of Thailand and the tattooist that practiced there. On his second last day, he met Pepsi in Kho Chang. Pepsi was the best bamboo tattoo artist Todd had ever met during his time in Thailand. Todd wanted to bring this gorgeous and innovative method of tattooing to North America. He asked Pepsi to come to Canada with him to be Toronto’s first ever bamboo tattoo artist. Today the shop holds true to its humble roots of passion for the tattoo industry, as well as the respect and dedication for the arts and tattoo artist.