Matching tattoos

If you have a best friend (and we know you do) it is only natural to share everything with that person, from sweets to secrets. It’s also common for best friends to have matching stuff like necklaces, bracelets, and shirts. It is not surprising though, that a lot of BFFs are now getting matching tattoos to show the world that they mean every part of Best Friends Forever seriously.


When you are sure that you want to get a friendship tattoo and it’s not because you feel impulsive, or worse, pressured to do so, here are some great ideas that you and you BFF might like for your tattoos:


  1. Peanut Butter and Jelly

This is a classic pairing that is as old as time. For best friends who share the love for breakfasts and little fun things, a little white bread with your favorite spread would be really cute.



  1. Yin and Yang

Two parts that complete a whole. Your best friend is the Yin to your Yang and this meaningful symbol could represent how you two complement each other perfectly.



  1. Two Peas in a Pod

If you and your best friend are practically inseparable, nothing could be more fitting than a cartoonish “two peas in a pod”. This would look perfect on the inside of your arms or on your feet!



  1. Two Puzzle Pieces

Your pairing with your best friend is what others call two pieces of puzzle that fit perfectly. This is yet another metaphor that could be given a literal take as matching tattoos. We’ve seen this on people’s necks and arms but we think they’d look perfect anywhere.



  1. Friendship Pacts

You may have sworn to do something for each other like “I’ll keep you sane.” and “I’ll drive you crazy”. Whatever it is, it should be something that has a deep meaning for the both of you and something you can keep.



  1. Friendship Goals (From Movies)

It’s fun when you’re a fan. When you share fandom jokes with your best friend, you know it’s for life. Potterhead best friends often opt for “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” or “Always”. But you can always try Buzz Lightyear’s “To Infinity… And Beyond!”



  1. Reminder of How You Have Met

If you’ve met in Science club, perhaps a couple of planets or test tube and Erlenmeyer flask would be perfect. In a band together? You can get tattoos of your instruments!

These are only some ideas that would be great for BFF tattoos. When it comes to getting inked in pairs, it is indeed important to find the perfect design. What’s more important though is getting tattooed with the right person. After all, your tattoo is permanent so make sure your friendship is, too!