handsome male with tattoos

Tattoos are now common to both men and women across backgrounds and age groups; they are now regarded mainstream these days. They have found their way to popular culture. To its wearer, tattoos have a symbolic, aesthetic, personal, cultural or spiritual meaning. The tattoo becomes a statement of their personality and individuality. Every tattoo is personal and only its wearer can tell you the reason behind a particular design and what it means to them.


Here is a list of some male celebrities with tattoos:



Adam Levine is famous and his tattoos are actually admitted by his fans. He does not have many tattoos like a full body tattoo, but he has some tattoos that make people love him more. Each tattoo of him has its own personal meaning. Some of his tattoos even describe his journey with his band, Maroon 5. On his forearm, he has carved triple number 2s to remind him about the room number of his first recorded studio of Maroon 5. On his front body, he has five tattoos that have various meanings. He also has a Sanskrit tattoo on his upper left chest and a big flower on his upper right. On his stomach, he has an eagle tattoo that symbolizes courage and high dreams. He also has a necklace tattoo on his neck.



Johnny Depp was has a tattoo for his former girlfriend, Winona Ryder. When Johnny had that tattoo on his upper right arm, it originally said: WAYNONA FOREVER. Later on, he had it changed to WINO FOREVER.



Tom Hardy, a British actor, appears to have ripped body thanks to his tattoos, 21 designs (and counting), penned all over his skin. He claims that each of his tattoos have personal meanings to him – each one has something to do with what he has been through life. His left arm features a portrait of the Madonna and a baby which symbolizes him leaving home and becoming a father. On his shoulder is a star tattoo which signifies his parenthood. On his inner forearm is a tattoo of a wolf that was inspired by a movie he did: The Revenant.



He has a Polynesian tattoo on his right arm which covers most of his arm. He is more interested in having original ink tattoos. He also has a half-sleeve tattoo. All his tattoos come in black ink – no other colours.



Kobe Bryant has a crown tattoo on his upper arm but surprisingly, it doesn’t have anything to do with him being a great basketball player.


It’s surprising to know, however, that there are more female celebrities with tattoos than male ones.