After a long playtime in nature, mother is dressing up a little boy, in natural landscape, on sunny Summer day.

Perhaps it’s your first time. Or maybe you want a new one. Either way, you are a mom and you want to get inked! Before you rush to a tattoo shop, give yourself some time to think of the perfect tattoo design. After all, it’s going to be permanent so you want to make sure you love it now and you’ll love it years later. Trust us, lots of people have tattoos that they end up hating either immediately after getting them or years after.


To avoid all that, spend some time imagining how the design you are considering will look on whichever body part you choose to have it on. Will you still want it there even when your kids have grown? Do you want it to be easily concealed by clothing or you want it to be seen all the time? If you have decided the perfect spot but still unsure about the design, here are some ideas for you to consider:


The Names of Your Kids

While it is not advisable to have the name of a boyfriend or even husband inked, you’d be glad to know that everyone thinks it’s cute to have your kids’ names inked. You can have it as a standalone text design or incorporate it in a design. An example of this is using the names of your kids to create an infinity symbol. Some moms who have three or more kids just opt for their initials.


Your Kids’ Footprints

Ever wondered what you can do with those footprints they usually give at the hospital? They could make for excellent tattoos! If you have more than one child, you can have them all in one side of your back, arm, or leg!


Something Quite Symbolic

Perhaps you see yourself like a butterfly who has come out beautifully after going through something tough. Maybe you are a free bird that cannot be caged. Whatever it is, you can always choose to be inked with something that symbolizes you, your children, or whatever it is that gives you strength.


Your Life Mantra

Many mothers swear to having a mantra that they repeat to themselves every single day, especially during challenging or frustrating times. It is also a brilliant idea to have that on print! All mothers need something inspiring that they can draw strength from every once in a while.


These are just a few options for tattoo designs that are great for mothers. Are you an inked mom? What tattoos do you have?