Close up tattoo artist demonstrates the process of getting black and red tattoo with orange paint. Master works on the professional blue mat in black sterile gloves.

Aside from choosing a design, finding the right tattoo artist is probably the most important consideration you should make when getting inked. People sometimes think that having the design that they like and walking into the first studio they see is just fine, until they walk out with a piece that you almost cannot recognize.


The fact that tattoos are permanent should be enough reason for you to think long and hard about who you are going to get as an artist. Not all artists have the same skills and not even all the skilled ones specialize in the specific style that you want to go for.  So how do you find the right tattoo artist?


Take time to visit studios. Browse for online images if you are looking for a design inspiration. If what you’re trying to do is see how good an artist is, paying a visit to his or her studio is the best way. You most probably will find people there with that artist’s work. Check out their portfolio. If there’s someone getting a tattoo when you get there, ask if you could stay and watch.


You can also tell a lot by how the artist treats you during your visit. Are you given attention? Is the artist polite and does he or she show interest? If the artist is not busy, ask questions, especially about his forte.


Ask for your friends’ advice. If you have friends with tattoos, ask them where they got them. IF their experience with a particular artist is good, they’d tell you for sure. And if it was a disaster, oh, you’ll definitely know about it. All the great tattoo artists get their reputation mostly by word of mouth. And besides, great pieces do the talking.


Check the details of their work. Again, you’re going to need your friends or family member to let you do this one. (Unless you’re bold enough to ask a stranger if you could scrutinize their tattoos.) See if the lines are straight. Pay attention to important things like proportions and shading.


Sometime, finding the right tattoo artist takes months. Others are lucky enough to find one at the first studio they visit. Whatever the case may be, make sure to listen to yourself, too. If you feel like it’s the right person and you’re really comfortable with your choice, that’s great. If something tells you otherwise, though, and you got a negative feeling, get out of there before the needle touches your skin. Check out Bamboo Tattoo Studio if you are looking for artists who care.