Woman in tattoo salon.

When is a tattoo healed? Those who have been tattooed several times most probably know that tattoos heal in three stages. And in all these three stages, proper care is crucial, especially in the first stage. The first stage when your tattoo is at its freshest, it’s still like an open wound and is quite swollen. It may take a few days. Others think that once this is over, the tattoo is healed.


That is actually untrue. When the swelling subsides and your skin starts to itch, that means you are just in stage two. Here, making use of a moisturizer or an anti-bacterial ointment is a safe bet. Resist the urge to scratch unless you want to ruin your tattoo. There are some who have paid a handsome amount for their tattoos and ended up with spotty and uneven looking designs because they can’t stop themselves from picking the scabs and dead skin. If it’s really itchy, you can try just tapping over your tattoo lightly with clean fingers.


Stage three of healing is when you may actually believe your tattoo is healed, because the scabs are gone, your skin is not that itchy and some skin just fall off on their own. Your tattoo, at this stage, is actually on its way to looking as vibrant as it was when you first got it.


At this stage and long after, it is really important to continue caring for your inked skin. Tattoos normally lighten up after they have healed completely. The layers of your skin will grow back over the ink and accept it within. To help maintain a solid colouring, it will be really helpful to put on sunscreen, especially in the summer and you stay outside for long hours. Sunscreen for children or those with SPF 45 or higher are excellent for your tattoo. You can also look for some aftercare brands that are specifically designed for tattoos.


The truth is, the three healing stages of your tattoo is when caring for them is most important. If you have done well in those stages, most probably your tattoo will still look great years after. But if you had neglected them, then yours would probably look faded real soon. Some have their tattoos retouched if they really appear faded. Some decide to have a cover-up done. However, we believe that proper care for your tattoo as soon as you get off the chair and until the next weeks or months that follow will really contribute to how great your tattoo looks years after.

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