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Everybody knows that most of the time tattoos have deep meanings for the people wearing them. Contrary to what others often think that they are just for aesthetic reasons, more often than not, tattoos are not just skin-deep – some are inspirational even.

For some, they represent hope; for others, a new beginning. If you want to better understand how tattoos can be a source and a symbol of inspiration for people, read this blog that we dedicate to those who get and show their strength through their beautiful body art.


Memorial Tattoos

A lot of people now come to tattoo studios to get memorial tattoos done. They usually want something that they can see every day to remind them of a lost loved one. Some honour soldiers and victims of great tragedies through body art.

Some grief specialists also agree that these memorial tattoos have become an unspoken outward expression of acceptance, as well as an inner process related to grief. They shout feelings of loss, their want of continued connection, and a commitment of undying attachment to those who have left them.


Tattoos That Help Battle Illnesses

Whether the battle is their loved ones’ or their own, people get tattoos to represent big and long fights against certain illnesses. In the last couple of years, the semicolon tattoo has been in the limelight when countless images of it were seen posted on social media sites. This tiny tattoo represents a struggle against depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders. There are families and friends who get dietetic pumps to show they’re fighting diabetes. Another example is the “I’m fine/ Save Me” ambigram tattoo that clearly says how others see you differently from how you see yourself and that sometimes there are struggles others don’t recognize. Tattoos need not be specific symbols for every illness. They could be inspirational words or even images that have personal meanings. Whatever design they come in, one thing is for sure. These tattoos serve as a reminder that they should remain strong and that they are winning.


Overcoming Life’s Challenge Tattoos

Are you familiar with the “This too shall pass” tattoos? These have become popular as a lot of people hold on to this inspirational phrase during trying times in their lives. There are other phrases and words like hope, faith, and love that can now be seen on people’s skins. Most of these words serve as a reminder to the ones wearing them of the virtue they need most at challenging periods.


These are only some of the inspirational tattoos that are common these days. Do you have one? What does it say?