laser tattoo removal from leg

Have you ever found yourself regretting a certain tattoo? It could be that the design or workmanship is really terrible. Perhaps the meaning doesn’t stand true for you anymore. Maybe you got it when you were really young and impulsive! Whatever the reason may be, if you find yourself in this situation, you must feel really frustrated.


There are not that many options for tattoo removal procedures and not one is really guaranteed. If you are considering getting it removed through a laser treatment or series of treatments, rather, then you should read this article first.


Are your expectations realistic?

Do you believe that your tattoo will be totally removed in one sitting, or that it will be completely removed at all? If so, then you should know that it will take several treatments before your tattoo would fade and that you would most probably end up with a permanent raised scar. Best case scenario, you’d end up with a ghost image of what used to be a tattoo on your skin.



Do you have time for the treatments?

If a laser technician tells you that your tattoo would be gone in about six to ten sessions, then find another one. If your technician is being honest, then he or she would tell you that in truth, it would probably take more than that. You should also observe proper intervals between laser procedures – unless you are willing to take the risk of acquiring wounds, skin irritations, and other side effects.


Is your tattoo conveniently located for a laser removal?

Most of the time, the location of the tattoo matters a lot. What most people do not know is that tattoos that are found further down one’s arms and legs fade slower. If your tattoo is somewhat near the heart, you are in luck as you would probably get better results.


Is that tattoo made by a pro or an amateur?

Why do we ask? Simply because it is a big factor – those that are done by a pro usually penetrate deeper but at very uniform levels. That makes it easier to treat, unless the ink used is really dense. On the other hand, although applied with an unsteady hand resulting to a somewhat challenging removal, amateur tattoos are still easier to remove.


Are you familiar with the different types of lasers?

There are actually a variety of laser wavelengths that can treat varying colours too. There is a possibility that you would need more than one laser to remove your ink.


Are you ready for the post-treatment effects?

People’s skins react differently to laser treatments too. Among the most common post-treatment reactions include swelling, pinpoint bleeding, raising tattoo, redness, blisters and darkening. You should not panic, though as they usually just run a course of a week or two.


Now that you know the real deal with laser treatments, do you still think it is the right procedure for you?