Color Lotus with boho pattern and watercolor background. Vector element for spa centers, yoga studios. Hand drawn. Doodle elements for your design

Lotus tattoos are among the most popular design we see these days. But do you know what makes them special? Let’s take a closer look at this incredibly meaningful tattoo design that has originated from the Eastern culture but has slowly made its way into the portfolios of almost all tattoo artists.


What does it mean?

It actually has more than one meaning. Each one is based on various factors like colour and religion (Whether it is open, fully closed, or partially open). Let’s talk about some of the meanings of the lotus tattoo.



The lotus (sacred lotus) is called Padma in the Hindu religion. Those who are devoted to this religion know how this flower is associated with a few of their deities, particularly Vishnu and Brahma. When seen in this context, the lotus means divine beauty and purity; its leaves unfolding symbolizes spiritual awakening.



Similarly, in Buddhism, the lotus flower also has a very complex imagery of meaning. In art form, the lotus is often shown having 8 petals or leaves which symbolize the core tenet of their religion – The Eightfold Path. It represents purity in one’s mind, body, and spirit.



Like we have mentioned above, the meaning of the lotus flower may also vary depending on what hue it comes. White lotus, for example represents mental and spiritual enlightenment, as well as perfection and purity. In Buddhism, a white lotus is the pinnacle of achievement – a goal one should strive for.


A blue lotus shows how one’s spirit has control over his physical senses. Simply put, mind over matter. It means your spirituality can easily overcome any temptation of the flesh. This colour also represents wisdom, intelligence, and knowledge. Blue lotus, is almost always shown partially open with the center never showing.


The pink lotus is the lotus of the Buddha (the white symbolizes lesser figures) which is also said to represent the history and tales of Buddhism.


The purple lotus is often shown on a platter – homage to the deities of Buddhism. In general, it is a sign of the mystic view of this religion.


The red lotus or the heart lotus symbolizes the state of the heart, full of love, passion, and compassion, among all other emotions. This colour of lotus flower is often depicted in full bloom to show the ideal state of one’s heart.


Yes. The lotus in itself is culturally and historically rich. Wearing this design as a skin art implies that you embody the traits it represents. Not everyone knows what the lotus tattoo could mean. But isn’t that just another opportunity for you to enlighten your friends?