Male tattoo artist holding a tattoo gun, showing a process of making tattoos on a male tattooed model's arm.

No one could ever deny the fact that getting a tattoo really hurts. Wherever you decide to get a tattoo on, you will surely feel some pain. However there are parts of your body where getting a tattoo would be much more painful. It would be best for you to know which areas those are, especially if this is going to be your first tattoo.


A big part of the pain is caused by the lack of cushion of fat or muscles. This results to having the needles to just repeatedly go over your skin and bone. Here we have rounded up for you some of the most painful parts of the body to get a tattoo.


Your hands, knuckles, and fingers are not only bony, but also full of ligaments. Due to the thinness of the skin there, getting a tattoo is going to be really painful. So those cute and dainty finger tattoos you frequently see these days? Not so cute on the pain scale.


Your feet will be equally painful if you get a tattoo there, especially the tops of your feet. If it’s any consolation, you would not feel the pain at once but it will hurt more as the session progresses.


Getting inked on your elbow will not only hurt but will also get you in a literally awkward position with your arm bending in a crazy angle. This is the only way to get the ink in really well. Of course, you should prepare yourself for the famous “swellbow” once it’s done.


The back of your knees will hurt a hundredfold more than your knees when they get inked. Similar to your elbow ditch, the skin at the back of your knees is not only thin but also lacking muscle. That simply means it really is going to be ridiculously painful.


If you wonder what burning skin feels like, get a tattoo on your inner arm. Like with the other areas, you should blame the thinness of the skin. Add to that the instant reaction of your nerves to the needles. Of course, if there is an area more painful than the inner arm, it has to be the armpit. Burn? Try scorch.


Getting a tattoo hurts, some more than the others. It pays to know which ones are going to hurt most and to ask yourself how much pain you can tolerate. After all, when it comes to your ink, nothing is worse than having an unfinished one.