Senior man with tattoo smiling and looking at camera

Everywhere around the world, tattoo is slowly making its way into every society. The long standing stigma that those who have tattoos are edgy or rebellious is gladly starting to disappear. It probably has a lot to do with the number of people from different walks of life making the decision to get inked. Now that tattoos are no longer taboo, is it too late for you to get one? Is there a perfect age to get a tattoo? More importantly, is there such a thing as too old or too young for a tattoo?



Too Young?


We believe the law in most western nations prohibits tattooing of minors who are those below 15 to 18, depending on your specific location. Perhaps most will agree to the logic that you cannot always trust a minor to make a life changing decision that they may or may not regret in years to come. Yes tattoos and marriages seem to require the same amount of lifetime commitment.



Just think of this if you are a minor, do you see yourself sporting that particular tattoo you want years from now? Will Justin Bieber still love his tattoos in the future? We hope so. Unfortunately though, a lot of adults who had tattoos when they were young agree that they wish they waited until they were mature enough to choose tattoos that are more relevant if not aesthetically pleasing, at least.




Too Old?


If you were to ask if you are too old to get a tattoo, most tattoo artists and aficionados would answer, “Too old to get all the tattoo you want, perhaps!” The thing that you should worry about when you’re a little past your prime is the texture of your skin. We cannot deny that skin texture changes as we grow older. The solution? Find a really skilled artist who does understand that and can work around this teensy bit of concern.



If you have reached this age and still you want to get a tattoo, then please do get one. After all, you have probably dedicated half your life giving in to what the past society believes to be appropriate, or listened to your parents, or followed your company policy. Now that you have probably achieved your other dreams, don’t leave this one out.




The argument of whether one is too young or too old to have a tattoo will always be there. What do we think as your trusted artist? Like they say, think before you ink. Whatever your age is, be wise about getting tattooed as there’s no room for regret once you go for it.