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Remembrance tattoos are an exceptional way to memorialize the life of someone you have lost. What is good about this kind of tattoo is the fact that you can personally come up with a design that holds a special meaning to you – one that makes you remember your loved one who has passed.


There are various design concepts that you can incorporate in a remembrance tattoo. Here we have rounded up for you a few creative ways to remember a loved one through ink:




The thought of their loved ones turning into their own guardian angels is very comforting for most people. Perhaps that is why people commonly choose to have the person’s name and then add angelic wings around it. Some go for images of angels. Those who have found really good tttoo artists even make portraits of their lost loved ones and have them turned into angels, too.



We often see people get tattoos of their loved ones’ favourite verse from the Bible, or a verse that they associate with the deceased. There are also lots of tattoos of a cross with the deceased name and the date of their passing. Some go for the symbol of the Holy Spirit with their loved ones’ names as well.



It can be a private joke that you used to share with a loved one, a quote that he or she lived by, a favourite expression, or a famous one-liner. This one is also a popular choice for people getting remembrance tattoos. Perhaps it’s because this type of remembrance tattoo is a story on its own. You can also have a final message for your loved one inked on your skin. You may also get an inspirational and encouraging quote – something that can help you get through this very challenging time.



Yes, paw prints are the top choice of dog lovers everywhere who have lost their furry best friends. Many people have a deep connection with their pets and it’s perfectly understandable that they also want to get inked with something to remember their beloved pets by. Some get a cartoony image of their pet with wings, the name of their dog in a bone, or the name of their cat over a fishbone. Some even get the exact image of their pets tattooed.


These are just some of the ways you can pay tribute to someone you have lost through skin art. Whether it’s a family member, a really good friend, or a beloved pet, there is always a perfectly fitting design that you can find or create. Remember that the more personal it is, the better you’ll feel about it.