Dreamy man with butterflies in his beard

Are you looking for tattoo designs that would perfectly show your fun and eccentric side? Then you should check out new school tattoos. Not only are they among the top tattoo trends for 2017, but these non-traditional but they can also be your great creative outlet.


New school tattoos look like designs taken from a fantasy world and often cartoony. They are brighter than most other styles, and you can say they are a bit exaggerated in form as well. It is true that the design concept of new school tattoos are taken from the main elements of old school ones. But artists have taken the leap and erased any line that limits their imagination. That it is why new school tattoos in general are non-conforming and very individualized and very different from old school tattoos both in styles and in subjects.


Like we said, new school tattoos are best known for their very bright colours with saturated inks, the use of vivid shades, and even large strokes. Because of the latest technologies in the tattoo industry, we now see skins with neon-coloured tattoos. That is unlike the very limited palette and two-dimensional style of shading used for old school tattoos. New school tattoos may borrow from old school subjects like animals and pinups, but more in a graffiti-like approach.


Often, these tattoos also feature horror themes that include skulls and cartoony zombies, as well as a lot of hip-hop themes complete with bubble letterings. Because new school tattoos defy traditional guidelines in tattooing, they can also be abstract. They are not confined in one style, therefore, artists do not have to worry about fitting into one.


New school tattoos should not be mistaken with neo traditional ones, which are a new interpretation of old school tattoos but with brighter shades and a three-dimensional approach.


With the free reign tattoo artists have when creating new school tattoos, it is not surprising that this style is getting more and more popular by the minute. Perhaps it is also precise to believe that new school tattoo is the style of the year.


So are you ready to jump into the bandwagon and sport an eye-catching new school tattoo? What design are you considering? Where are you planning to have it? If you are ready to get your tattoo, you can come and visit our studio and check out some design concepts.