Portrait of young sensual brunette woman with black wing bodyart on her back

Halloween is among the list of holidays most people look forward to, and we do not wonder why. After all, it is that time of year when one can dress up anyway he or she wants and everyone just embraces everything spooky, creepy, and just downright scary.


While some people think choosing a costume that is quite out of their personality is already pushing the limit, there are those who perhaps like it so much – enough to get themselves a permanent tattoo that is based on this wonderful holiday. If you are among those who would like to keep a reminder of how fu Halloween is here are some ideas that you might want to consider:


  1. Bats

Why go mainstream with tiny tattoos of birds when these night fliers are so much cooler? Whether you go for a realistic looking drawing brought to life by excellent shading or stick with silhouettes of these creatures in flight or hanging upside down from a tree, bats make for a very interesting piece that just screams Halloween.



  1. Jack O’ Lanterns

What could represent Halloween better than those orange, carved out pumpkins with eyes and smiles that may be cute or creepy. We have seen variations of this design. Some opt for a pile of pumpkins, some go for a lone Jack O’ Lantern but with a face that would give you nightmares. Others are a bit comical with some treats spilling from them. Whatever you choose, Jack O’ Lanterns could let the world know what big a fan you are of this holiday.


  1. Witches

You can have a spellbinding tattoo of a witch on a broomstick, a witch with a cauldron, or a close up portrait of a witch – warts and all.


  1. Monsters

If witches are not your favorite characters for Halloween, maybe you can have Dracula, Frankenstein, a mummy, or any other known ‘personalities’ that give you a good scare.


  1. Graveyard

We know. This seem a little too creepy. But we have actually seen this design in a lot of skins. Some of them write the names of their lost loved ones on the tombstones, so perhaps they are more commemorative than just for Halloween.


There are a lot of other designs out there that could easily fit in your Halloween theme, but these five are the ones we see quite often. Tattoos are a good way to express yourself, and if Halloween gives you something to be happy about when you are reminded of it, then there’s no reason you should keep yourself from getting a Halloween tattoo.