mom and baby lying down on bed

Generations have passed since tattoos were first identified to connote something negative. Yes it has been associated with gangs, criminals, prisoners, and such. Times have changed drastically and now you see lots of celebrities with incredible skin art. Unfortunately though, the stigma somehow hasn’t been completely erased for parents – especially mothers.


Yes, the society still has fictitious assumptions directed towards mothers who made the choice of having ink on their bodies permanently. When an inked mother carries a baby, at the very least, she’d see an eyebrow raised in a doubtful look. Things can get worse though and sometimes they have to listen to strangers give them long lectures about how inappropriate it is.


Just like when you had your first tattoo and your parents and mostly everyone around you freaked out about it, you’d realize that when you become a parent, you’d have to go through that again. And you’d wonder why! After all you have had those tattoos for years!


In the traditional workplace, employers in their defense tell you that having a tattoo doesn’t mix well with their branding (which is frustrating but somehow acceptable.) That is fine because they know what is best for their company after all. But as a parent, it is unfair for inked mothers to be dubbed “bad parents” just because of their choice of accessory or artistic outlet. But that happens.


Inked parents, you’d notice would be isolated during parent meetings in school. They don’t get asked to be chaperones. Their kids sometimes miss out on sleepovers. Sometimes other parents with kids would cross streets or leave restaurants to avoid them.


Of course, we are not talking about communities. Sometimes you’d be surprised, too, how welcoming and accepting small towns can be. There are just societies who choose to know a person and what is beneath his or her skin, and those are the societies where children grow to be compassionate and just human beings.


There are countless parents with tattoos around the world, and if you ask any of them if they feel any regrets now that they know how the majority of the society looks at tattooed parents. You are most likely to hear a NO. Others might find it hard to believe but being a tattooed parent does have its perks. You get to teach your kids how it is okay to express themselves, how it is wrong to look down on anybody because of their appearance, and how stereotyping should be ended.


It is unfortunate how even young kids are taught by their parents to judge those who look different from them. It is sad that children are taught that anything that is not acceptable for their parents is bad. It is wrong that these young people live in a society where people get looked down on. That said, whose parenting should we question?