Just had a second piece done by Bamboo Tattoo. Once again my experience was amazing, the place is clean, I love the environment and all of the people are great . I am already excited to get back in the chair with you guys again.Alex Burke
An excellent Tattoo studio. The artists working there super professional. I got a great tattoo experience with Mike today! I’d highly recommend him:))Thanks so much!!!Marina Turetskiy
I have been to my fair share of shops but I was extremely impressed with Todd and his shop. After exchanging a few emails with Todd I went in for a consult last night. Todd is a class act, gave me some ideas and direction, exactly what I needed. The shop is very impressive, welcoming, very cool vibe. I was able to see some work in progress and the artists (as well as the clients) were very cool and very proud to show off their work. Went in with one idea in mind….now working on a full sleeve and a separate chest piece! Cheers ToddPaul Groleau
This place rocks! It has professional tattoo artists in a really cool atmosphere. I had two tattoos done with them and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I highly recommend this studio to anyone planning on getting a tattoo or adding to what they have.John Barron
Awesome place! Great artists and super clean shopPeter T
Great owner, great environment, amazing artists. Everyone does a great job at easing your nerves and making you feel at home; so much so that my four year old sister was hanging out with Pepsi (my artists name) and me while at work (from a safe distance of course). I recommend bamboo to all my friends and anyone looking for somewhere to get the best possible ink from artists who actually listen, pay attention to your needs, and take the time to ensure you get the best possible results.Kareem Ali
An excellent Tattoo studio. The artists working there super professional. I got a great tattoo experience with Mike today! I’d highly recommend him:))Thanks so much!!! Marina Turetskiy
An amazing Tattoo studio that’s super clean. The artists working there are unbelievable and super professional. I had my rib tattoo done by Maddy and she’s outstanding in what she does. I’d highly recommend her or anyone else at Bamboo. Thanks to my BF for introducing me to her and the Bamboo team and for making my tattoo idea a reality. Can’t wait to get my next idea drawn up and tattooed by them Antonietta Pc
Has to the be the best Tattoo Studio I have ever set foot in !!! Nice clean environment complemented by a friendly staff. I had the pleasure of getting a cover up done by Pepsi back in July and till this day I still stare my ink in amazement. Todd had a wonderful setup and takes the time to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for and makes sure that you leave happy. I can’t say enough great things about the shop, staff and my artist. I still cherish the experience and am more then happy to show of my tattoo now. It was a cover up of a bad tattoo so to be able to have something I myself can appreciate everyday is a blessing. My sons love the work you guys did to represent them on me and I hope that all of your customers can leave as satisfied as I did. I wish you guys the very best and keep up the great work.Bobby Kang
Awesome place! Great artists and super clean shop.Peter T
Had a great experience with Mike today! Amazing tattoo!!! Thanks so much! I will definitely be back for moreTara Gerhart
Best tattoo experience I have ever had! Excellent customer service… Gorgeous Tattoo By Matias. I will never get tatted anywhere else… Jenna Millar
My first tattoo could not of been a better experience than what these guys did! I’m not from the area so they fit me in.gave me a custom look and great care. Clean,pleasant, professional and fantastic artists! Thanks for everything!Christine Jacques
Have had a few awesome experiences here now after getting 3 tattoos done by Madds! Exceptionally talented and designed them even better than I could have ever imagined! Great experience and highly recommend! Can’t wait for the next one down the road.Shannon Clancy
The best tattoo place me and my wife have ever been to. The people are great, the service is amazing, and the art is magnificent. I would recommend it to anyone. We even come all the way from Calgary to get our tattoos, not to mention the vegan ink, which is definitely a bonus.Nazar Dubnevych
Beautiful studio, amazing artists and a wonderful experience. I love my new tattoo which is an inspired piece of art done by India. Thank you so much it was amazingCarol Skacel
This is one of the best locations I have ever gone to! It’s definitely worth the drive, and the customer service is fantastic. I’m totally coming here for more tattoos – I LOVE ITLowgii Bear
I love these guys work. Always will recommend ppl to bamboo.Joseph Nguyen
Such an amazing space with amazing artists. Extremely clean and with beautiful decor. I fell in love with the studio the moment I walked in. Not to mention, Tye is such a wonderful and talented artist! Panthea Davoodian
My husband and I both got our tattoos here 2 weeks ago and we are beyond happy with the results. The staff is friendly and accommodating, the studio is clean and inviting!Ines G Graca
The artists are very professional and the place is very very clean!!! I’m amazed with the results!!!!Thor Sobrinho
The tattoo I got here will forever be my favorite one. Until I get the next one here again smile emoticon I went in with an idea of what I wanted and they designed something 1000x better then I expected. Fell in love with it instantly!Houston Marreah
Best spot i gott my tattoo done wen they were on oakville by kang i recommed it to everyone that asks me about it Mark Marcinko
had so much fun getting my first tattoo here!! honestly loved the experience and will be back again after the super cute tattoo I got!!!Stef Figueiredo