Young woman with nose piercing and tattoo on her back looking over her shoulder.

2017 is here! Is this the year you’ve been waiting for? Is this the year you are finally going to get your first tattoo? Or are you excited to get your yearly skin art? Whether it’s your first or you tenth though, there’s that one question that you need to think about – what design are you getting?


In the last few years, we have seen artists get more and more creative when it comes to tattoo design, and the distinction between men’s and women’s tattoos become clearer and clearer. Yes, we noticed designs that are delicate and intricately patterned. We have also seen more artsy styles. The options are truly endless.


So what tattoo styles for women are in for 2017? Here is our top three list:



Red roses complete with thorns, swords, skulls, banners bearing names, pin-ups, anchors – these are just some of the elements of old school tattoos or sailor tattoos as they used to be called. This particular style is for the brave and bold – brave because old school designs are often large and covers a big part of your body, and bold because aside from being large, they also tend to be colourful.



The opposite of the old school “loud” tattoo designs, minimalist tattoos are sleeker and fine. They are not necessarily small as you’d find designs that crawl down forearms in thin and elegant lines. Minimalist tattoos are often simple but they can really be impressive. Some examples are silhouettes of animals, fine cursive print of a quote a person lives by, and more.



Often found behind the ear, on an inner wrist, on a finger, or on an ankle, tiny tattoos may be small in size but not in style. It is usually preferred by women who are getting a tattoo for the first time, or those whose work do not allow them to wear bolder designs. These are easily covered by clothing or even just some accessories. Mind you, tiny tattoos are often ‘witty’ ones, as both artists and ‘skins’ try to incorporate their big ideas in small and symbolic designs. There is a wide range of designs for tiny tattoos, from pizzas to birds, to paper airplanes, and others.


There you go, girls, three styles for tattoos to choose from this 2017. Have you thought of a particular design to get? If you need more ideas, or you’re looking for a great artist to do your first tattoo, you can always visit Bamboo Tattoo!