Female feet with a tattoo isolated on a white background

Last year we have seen a lot of incredible tattoo designs. It seems like artists continue to defy the norms when it comes to what tattoos should and could be. Just a decade ago, realism in tattoos seemed far from being feasible yet a lot of expert artists have proven how well they could look on the human body.


Of course tattoos for 2016 will continue to bring fresh ideas both for design and techniques. Some of these trends have been carried over from last year and are just getting refined. Here are some of the hottest tattoo styles and designs that you might want to see if you’re considering getting inked this year:


  1. Minimalistic Tattoos

Over these past few years, we have seen the tiniest tattoo designs on the skins of some of the most famous personalities in the world. It seems like this tattoo trend is continuing to take over the world. Perhaps the reason is that it allows some people who have never been inside a tattoo studio to brave the territories of the inked without feeling like they have to go through much. Of course seeing celebrities with these minimalistic tattoos helps this style in a major way.


  1. Double Exposure Tattoos

An extremely difficult tattoo to do but definitely breathtaking when done right, this style is a take on double exposure photography with the technique replicated and translated into skin art. This year, it is expected that a lot of artists will spend time mastering this style too.


  1. Single Line Tattoos

The braver and bigger big brother of the miniscule minimalist tattoo, this particular design requires the expert execution of the design in a single line. This simplistic style is continuing to see an increase in demand. The biggest challenge for this style is its need to be done in one continuous line for the entire image.


  1. Cubism Tattoos

This art style made famous by Pablo Picasso in his paintings in the early 20th century is now becoming a famous tattoo technique. For this, blocks of colours are used to shape portraits of flowers and animals.


  1. Geometric Tattoos

Artists have been trying to stray away from traditional styles and realism, and with geometric tattoos, that goal is achieved. Social media platforms, including Instagram have showed countless images of people turning to this particular style and we don’t blame them – this style is extremely unique and sophisticated!


These are only five of the top trends for tattoos this year. Which one are you interested in?