Close up tattoo artist demonstrates the process of getting black and red tattoo with orange paint. Master works on the professional blue mat in black sterile gloves.

Does your tattoo need some touching up? Your tattoo artist can check the healed design and see if it requires some fine tuning, especially its line work or shading. Touch ups can help bring out the best in your tattoo. Having a tattoo touch up within the next six months of getting your tattoo gives you the chance to make sure it looks its best for years and years to come.


How long do you have to wait before you go for a touch up? It depends on a lot of factors, including its size, complexity, and how well it has healed. If your tattoo takes longer than usual to heal, it is probably going to need retouching. Just wait for it to heal completely before having one done.


Unfortunately, not all clients do not recognize the real need for touch ups. Good artists can guarantee their work, and they usually do – touch ups are often done for free, so long as the client has also taken care of his or her tattoo as it heals. It is possible that to your eye, the tattoo already looks perfect, but it is simply better to have your artist take a look and judge it for himself.


There are certain instances when touch ups are really a necessity, like when the colour has really faded or is almost gone after it has healed. Some tattoos need to be lined or shaded twice for fine tuning and to enhance the contrast and the overall strength of the piece itself.


Only your tattoo artist can examine his own work and decide if it indeed needs some touching up. If so, only he can say what it actually needs and how to do it. A tattoo artist who is worthy of the title and who values his or her reputation would be more than pleased to have the opportunity to improve the work that was done.


Touch ups may take from five minutes to several hours, all depending on how big the design is. You can visit your tattoo artist weeks after it has peeled to let them see if there is a need for a touch up. Your artist could schedule you for a final session. Because they are usually just spot-check work anyway, touch-ups take faster to be finished and to heal.


So, is your tattoo needing a touch up? If you want beautiful skin art that is guaranteed by its artist, you can visit Bamboo Tattoo Studio.