Bearded man with crossed arms - studio shot

We have reached the age when people start seeing tattoos for what they really are – an artistic form of expression. No longer are we associated with secret societies, gangs, and many other negative things. In fact, when you have a tattoo, all it means in the bigger picture is that you are part of the 21% of adults who have inked their bodies at least once.


Unfortunately, there still are people who think less of people with tattoos. While we respect them and their opinions, it should also be noted that no matter how tough-looking our skins are, we may still get offended by snarky comments. If you think you may have offended a tattooed friend or just want to make sure you won’t, here are some comments you might want to keep to yourself:


  1. Why would you do that to your skin?

Why not? Asking a tattooed individual this question is like questioning one’s ability to make a sound judgement. If you would ask a tattooed woman, she would probably tell you, getting a tattoo is not unlike making a choice about makeup. It really just boils down to what a person wants, and unless it’s your skin that’s being forced under the needle, this comment is just better left unsaid.


  1. You won’t get a job!

First of all, there is a pretty good chance you are already talking to a professional. Recent surveys say that majority of those who get their first tattoos in the last few years are also in the workforce. Besides, you would rarely find a company these days who would flat out refuse to hire someone just because of some tattoos. We got inked. We did not lose or brains no forget the skills we know while we’re getting our tattoos. So we do not really worry about that.


  1. What does your tattoo mean?

This question has variations – What does your tattoo stand for? Or why did you get that particular tattoo? However you try to construct this question, the fact remains, it is quite personal. This question should be benched for when you really know the person and he or she is already comfortable telling what probably is a very personal story behind the ink.


Some may think that these questions are not ill-meaning at all and while that may be right, they still are a bit insensitive. For most tattooed individuals, tattoos are bits and pieces of our life story and we’d still rather you just look at them instead of question their existence. It’s like how we wouldn’t dare ask you why you make certain decisions in your life, and just trust that they have made you a better person.